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City gas distribution

Transporting future fuel


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A pipeline system that is no longer required for transportation of gas shall be taken out of service with all hazardous fluids removed from the system. In case a operating company decides to abandon full or part of the pipeline system permanently or temporarily after obtaining necessary approval from the statutory authority (if required), it shall prepare a detailed plan considering the following. Large scale venting of natural gas shall be avoided. It shall be ensured that most of the natural gas contained in the system shall be utilized by consumer.

  1. Pipeline section and facilities shall be disconnected from all source of supply of gas.
  2. Pipeline system and facilities to be abandoned shall be purged with nitrogen gas or inert materials and ends hall be sealed. If the facilities are purged with air, it shall be ensured that combustible mixture is not present in the system.

Plans and procedures shall be developed for safe decommissioning , dismantling, demolition, and disposal of the pipeline and shall include the following;

  1. Maintenance of the facility shall continue till full dismantling of facilities have been completed.
  2. Cathodic protection system shall be maintained with periodic inspection.
  3. Environmental impact assessment.

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