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#34 Checking of various equipment in CGD

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A) Odourant System

  1. Monitoring of Odorant level / Consumption v/v NG
  2. Monitoring of odorant smell
  3. Odorant transfer from barrel to tank
  4. Thickness test of odorant tank/expansion tank
  5. Leak checks of all joints
  6. Monitoring of scrubber & neutralizing agent / Replacement of Neutralizing drum
  7. Checking of earth pits & earthing electrodes
  8. Test and examination of the odorant tank
  9. NDT like ultrasonic flow detection (100% for all weld joint from outside)

B) Steel Distribution Network

  1. Patrolling of the steel distribution network ( Including railway crossing and road crossing)
  2. Leak detection inside & outside the city area
  3. Emergency patroling and third party coordination if work is going on or near the gas pipeline route
  4. Maintenance of all type of markers
  5. Repairing of pipeline coating

C) Cathodic protection system

  1. Preventive maintenance of the TR unit
  2. Monitoring of insulating joints
  3. Preventive maintenance of TLPs


  1. Monitoring of pressure (Inlet / Outlet)
  2. Checking the filter cartridge and cleaning
  3. Functional test of PRV/SSV/SRV/CRV

E) PE Distribution network(MP &LP)

  1. Patrolling of MPPE network and crossings
  2. LPT of PE network
  3. Special leak survey during the festival

F) Valve chambers (PE)

  1. Maintenance of valves including greasing of valves, housekeeping of chambers
  2. Civil repair of valve chamber/sleeper, if any
  3. Pest control for rat and snake repellent (Post monsoon)

G) Valve chambers (Steel)

  1. Maintenance of valves including greasing of valves
  2. Painting of valves and piping
  3. Civil repair
  4. Pest control for rat and snake

H) Service regulator(SR)

  1. Monitoring of pressure (Inlet / Outlet)
  2. Leak Detection Test
  3. Testing of OPSO /UPSO regulators
  4. General maintenance of the whole installation including painting

I) Annual Maintenance of Domestic & Commercial Connection

  1. Annual maintenance of each PNG Domestic connection
  2. Replacement of flexible rubber hose for all points
  3. GI Riser maintenance
  4. Annual maintenance of each PNG Commercial connection

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