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#25 Design of Metering skid

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The main design parameter for a metering skid is flow rate.

Actual flow rate of metering skid (SCMH) = (CNG demand at P1) + (Commercial demand at P2) + (Industrial demand at P3) + (Residential demand at P4)

where, P1-peak hour for CNG, P2-peak hour for commercial segment, P3- peak hour for industrial segment, P4- peak hour for residential segment. All demand are in SCMD.

Designed flow rate of metering skid = (Actual flow rate of Metering skid) * 1.3

Based upon this flow rate we select the size of pipe, valves and fittings etc.

The metering skid should comprise of active and monitor combination with a maximum 50% redundancy of metering stream arrangement including slam shut valve for over and under protection system. Stream redundancy shall not be less than (2+1).

As far possible the CGS shall be installed at the periphery of populated area.

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