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Emergency response vehicles should be placed at each site along with driver round the clock 24X7 to attend to an emergency situation and to carry out day to day normal fire & safety-related activities in each of the sites/cities. Following are the general requirement of ERV,

  1. Emergency response vehicles will be used for emergency purposes, so the driver has to be alert all the time and must be available with the vehicle round the clock.
  2. The driver engaged should have a thorough knowledge of the city so that the vehicle can reach the emergency site with minimum response time without any delay.
  3. All necessary Fire & Safety equipment shall be provided by the entity. A checklist will be prepared for the equipment placed and the driver has to ensure that all the equipment is available during shift change or change of manpower/driver.
  4. Vehicle (ERV) shall be used for the official use of the entity for emergency purpose and fire and safety-related activities only within the city.
  5. Prior permission has to be taken from the entity if the vehicle (ERV) is required to send outside the city because of any emergency requirement. In no case, the vehicle shall be sent out of the state/city in which the vehicle is deployed during working hours.
  6. If at any time ERV or the driver is not available on duty &/or not available during any emergency it will be treated as absent.
  7. The driver shall not carry any unauthorized passenger in the Vehicles on-duty hours. Any arms and ammunitions shall not be carried in the vehicle. The driver has to follow all the traffic rules during the movement on roads.
  8. The driver has to carry a proper identification card along with him.
  9. The spark arrestor/flame arrestor should be fitted in the vehicle.
  10. The ERV should have proper valid documents like vehicle Registration certificates, vehicle insurance documents, PUC certificate, and other statutory documents valid for respective cities & all the relevant documents should be renewed well within time.
  11. The drivers should wear proper cotton dresses, safety shoes, and safety kits as per the requirement.
  12. All the safety rules should be followed and discipline should be maintained all the time.
  13. The driver should abide by the existing security and safety rules/regulations/precautions as per instructions given from time to time.
  14. Drivers should refrain from smoking, drinking liquor & talking with mobile phones while driving the Vehicle, be polite and will behave, and should not use any abusive language. Driver(s) also to ensure that no inflammable substances of any nature, form, etc. should be carried by Vehicle at the installations, camp stations, stores, yards, etc. while on duty. The contractor’s employees shall also ensure that they abide by usual and special rules regarding the safety and security measures while on duty with Company as per directions of the representative(s) of the Company at the worksite.

The following equipment will be kept in the ERV for use in case of any emergency.

a) Firefighting equipment

  1. DCP type extinguisher
  2. CO2 Type extinguisher
  3. Diffuser Branch

b) Personal protective equipment

  1. Safety helmets for head protection
  2. Hand gloves for hand protection
  3. Safety goggles for eye protection
  4. Face shield for face protection
  5. Nomex suit for use during firefighting for full body protection
  6. Safety belt for rescue from height
  7. Breathing apparatus set for use for rescue from confined space
  8. Gumboots for foot protection
  9. Earmuff for ear protection
  10. Reflective safety jackets for use during a job at roadsides
  11. Acid alkali suit for use during an emergency in the odorizer unit.

c) Other safety equipment

  1. LEL detector for leakage test and leakage survey
  2. Safety torch
  3. Barricading tape
  4. Handheld PA system
  5. Road safety cones
  6. Silica blanket for hot jobs.

d) Repair tool kit (O&M)

  1. Nonsparking tools
  2. Fusion machine
  3. MDPE pipe cutter & Squeezer
  4. MDPE clamps/couplers of various size
  5. Pipeline maps and Plans of network etc.

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