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#48 Fire protection system in CGD

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Fire protection systems in CGD Network and at CNG station: Fire and Safety activities are very vital in CGD infrastructure and CNG system operations. The CGD infrastructures and CNG stations have a Fire & Gas detection system, CO2 Flooding systems, Mobile DCP Trolley, different types of Portable Fire Extinguishers at strategic locations to protect the pipeline system, and CNG Station. Services of Fire tender shall be arranged in various cities through the Local fire service department of the respective cities.

Fire & Gas detection system: Fire & Gas Detection system consists of LEL Gas detectors, Smoke detectors, and UV Heat/Flame detectors. Suitable nos. of gas detectors are installed at suitable locations in CNG Stations. In the CNG Compressor package, fire detectors (UV Heat/ flame detectors) are linked with the CO2 Flooding system. In case of any fire, CO2 Flooding will start automatically.

Mobile and Portable firefighting equipment: Fire Extinguishers of various capacities are provided at the strategic locations from a hazard point of view, such as CNG stations, various DPRS, etc. Sufficient nos. of portable and mobile fire extinguishers of different types & capacities are also provided at various strategic locations, wherever required in compliance with the OISD-179 requirements as follows;

LocationPortable type Fire Extinguisher
At CNG Station:
Compressor (Mother station)1 No. X 75 Kg DCP
Compressor (Online Mother station)1 No. X 10/9 Kg DCP
Dispensing unit1 No. X 10/9 Kg DCP (one for each)
CNG storage cascade1 No. X 10/9 Kg DCP (one for each)
Cascade refueling area (LCV)1 No. X 10/9 Kg DCP (one for each)
Air compressor1 No. X 4.5 Kg CO2
DPRS2 Nos. X 10/9 Kg DCP
IPRS2 Nos. X 10/9/5 Kg DCP (The fire extinguisher shall be installed by the industrial customer)

Wind socks: Wind Socks are installed at all vital points in the CNG stations to know the wind direction which is very useful during emergency situations.

Eyewash system: Eyewash system is installed near the mercaptan dosing drum for use in case of spillage of mercaptan & splash on the body of any person working near the mercaptan handling area.

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