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#37 General Safety rules for CNG Station

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A) General Safety Rules for CNG stations

  1. Switch off the mobile phones while entering the CNG station
  2. The validity of the CNG cylinder should be ensured before refueling the CNG.
  3. Keep watching the customers and passengers not to use their mobile phones inside the CNG station area.
  4. Request passengers & visitors to stay away from the dispenser, high pressure & unauthorized entry area.
  5. Ensure no vehicle is started when there is any leakage in the CNG station.
  6. Ensure that there are no unauthorized persons inside the restricted entry area.
  7. Always use PPE while moving around the compressor & high-pressure area.
  8. Keep yourself away from the hot surface while inspecting the compressor & generator.
  9. Do not open the doors of running compressor & generator.
  10. In case of any leakage of gas inside the CNG station immediately stop refilling & stop the compressor. Do not allow the driver to start vehicles & move vehicles away from the leakage area by manual push method to a safe area.
  11. Identify & know the location of the emergency shutdown buttons for compressor & dispensers in the CNG station.
  12. Ensure that there is no leakage of gas from cascade or from any fittings. Leak test should be done with foam solution or with a portable gas detector.
  13. Ensure that cascade cylinders are hydraulically tested every three years.
  14. Always follow the work permit system while doing any maintenance work in CNG station.
  15. Keep away from the live part of the electrical installation.
  16. Ensure placement of Fire Extinguishers at safe distance and easily accessible place for use in case of emergency.
  17. Know how to operate fire extinguishers in case of any fire in the CNG station.
  18. In case of emergency follow the emergency action plan.
  19. Do not refill the CNG while passengers are inside the vehicle.
  20. Use of matchbox, open flame & smoking is prohibited inside the CNG station.
  21. Identify & know the location of the isolation valves in the CNG station which will require to be closed during any emergency in CNG station.
  22. Be aware of the location & operation of the cylinder valve, master shut off valve, and burst disc of the CNG vehicle cylinder. The valves are required to be closed during any gas leakage in the CNG vehicle.
  23. Always follow the safe operating procedure & maintenance procedure for any O&M activities in the CNG station.

B) Safety instruction for filling CNG Vehicle

  1. Ensure that the CNG vehicle is entering the station slowly and reaching the dispenser safely. Remove all the passengers from the vehicle at the entry and send them to the exit point.
  2. Stop the CNG vehicle at a designated place only.
  3. Stop the engine and remove the ignition key.
  4. Check the hydro test due date of the CNG cylinder and ensure the validity of the test date. Also, ensure that there is no physical damage to the CNG kit and refilling receptacle.
  5. If any defect is found then instruct the customer to rectify the defect at the earliest.
  6. Enter the defect detected in the vehicle in the logbook maintained in the CNG station. Ensure that the defects are rectified before filling the CNG in the vehicle in the next visit.
  7. Ensure that there are any open wires, any abnormal smell, high temperature & any other defect not existing in the vehicle before filling of CNG.
  8. Ensure that there are no flammable materials are present in the vehicle.
  9. Ensure that the driver or any other passenger of the vehicle is not smoking & using mobile phones in the CNG station area while the CNG filling is under progress.
  10. Ensure that there is a minimum one-meter distance maintained between the vehicles during refilling.
  11. Ensure that the earthing is connected during filling.
  12. Cover the battery with a rubber mat prior to the start of refilling.
  13. Check the vent pipe.
  14. Remove the dust plug.
  15. Ensure that the nozzle is properly fitted in the filling point and then open the valve. Hold it securely while refilling.
  16. Ensure that the cylinder pressure will not go beyond 2002/kgcm.
  17. Remove the nozzle carefully after filling the CNG in the vehicle.
  18. Put the dust plug.
  19. Remove the rubber mat from the battery.
  20. Ensure that there is no leakage of natural gas prior to the start of the vehicle
  21. Start the engine and move the vehicle out of the station slowly.
  22. If anybody is not following the safety instruction does not allow him to fill CNG.

C) Safety instruction for CNG customers

  1. Fit & Repair the CNG kit from an accredited workshop only.
  2. Get the CNG kit checked every year from a recognized workshop and hydro test the cylinder every three years. Get the compliance plate from the workshop & fit it near the filing point. Always carry the certificates along with the vehicle.
  3. Stop the engine and remove the key from the vehicle & give it to the filler boy. All the passengers including the driver must get down from the vehicle prior to filling of CNG.
  4. Keep the wiring of the vehicle in a good condition and do not use open wires. The battery terminal must be covered prior to the filling of CNG. Do not keep the terminals loose and cover it with insulation tape.
  5. Do not start the vehicle during any leakage of gas and take the vehicle to a safe location by pushing the vehicle. Then close the cylinder valve to stop the gas leakage.
  6. It is prohibited to use open flames like matchbox etc. & to smoke in the CNG station area.
  7. It is prohibited to use mobile phones in the CNG station area. Please keep the mobile phones off in the CNG station area.
  8. Do not spread rumors during any emergency and follow the instructions of the CNG station staff.
  9. Keep patience during emergencies & keep yourself away from the emergency area. Always follow the safety & security rules.

D) Safety Instruction for Visitor in the CNG station

  1. Get down from the CNG vehicle at the entry of CNG station.
  2. Always be alert inside the CNG station area.
  3. Please switch off mobile phone before entering the CNG station area. Use of mobile phone is prohibited in CNG station area.
  4. Please do not use match box, open flame etc. in CNG station area.
  5. Smoking & spitting is prohibited in CNG station area.
  6. Please help to keep the CNG station area clean.
  7. Do not get panic in case of emergency & stay away from the emergency area.
  8. Do not spread rumours in case of emergency & follow the instructions of CNG station staff.
  9. Always obey security & safety rules in CNG station.

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