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#45 Management of Change

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The definition of a plant change reads as follows:
“A plant change is any engineering work or process amendment of a permanent or temporary nature which alters the plant design in terms of feedstock, operating condition range, equipment, layout, materials of construction – prevailing immediately prior to the initiation of change”.

The following steps shall be involved in the plant change procedures:

  1. In the proposal for modification/change the initiator provides a description, highlighting all the significant aspects.
  2. The initiator provides the justification for the modification/change on technical, financial, safety, or environmental ground.
  3. The site In-charge of the CGD project, after the review, can approve the initiation of design development and cost.
  4. The site In-charge of the CGD project shall also identify the authorized person required to screen the proposal.
  5. The authorized person shall critically review the proposal w.r.t safety principles, i.e. for compatibility with existing plant equipment, maintaining integrity, operation ability and maintainability, electrical area classification, compliance with safety and environmental regulations, and codes of practice.
  6. Expenditure approval by the proper level of authority to be obtained.
  7. The implementation sequence for the proposed change identifies responsibilities for design and construction, checking by specialists, revision of operating instructions, training as necessary of operating and maintenance personnel, updating of drawings, operating manuals, etc.
  8. Pre-startup checking is a joint exercise of engineers and operating staff as a prerequisite for handover.
  9. Acceptance follows a satisfactory handover in which assurance is given to the department manager that the change has been effected in accordance with the design specification and to the satisfaction of all interested parties.
  10. Commissioning is the final step. Operations will test the plant to ensure that it meets expectations.
  11. The changes will be disseminated throughout the organization.

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