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Technical Interview

1)What are the different categories of Oil found worldwide?

Ans: There are about 161 different types of Oil found worldwide. The different categories of Oil found worldwide is classified into different types of crude oil like Brent, Dubai Crude, West Texas, Intermediate, etc. Classification is done according to their sulphur content.

2) What is OPEC?

Ans: Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is also known as OPEC.

3) What is the purpose of forming OPEC?

Ans: It is a collection of countries which produces crude oil and is founded in 1960, in order to regulate the process of export of their crude oil to the other countries of the world and to decide the crude oil prices. Together OPEC’s 12 member countries supplies about 40% of the world’s oil supply.

4) Who are the members of OPEC currently?

Ans: Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Indonesia, Libya, U A E, Algeria, Nigeria, Angola

5) On what basis Crude Oil prices are determined?

Ans: Crude oil is a commodity, and the prices depend on the demand and supply.

6) Who controls or decides the Oil prices?

Ans: OPEC does not decide the crude oil prices, though it influence the market prices. It is following exchange market that decides global crude oil prices

• New York Mercantile Exchange ( NYMEX)
• International Petroleum Exchange in London (IPE)
• Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX)

7) How U.S dollar contribute to the rising Oil prices?

Ans: On the world market, oil is priced in U.S dollars. So, when dollar becomes weaker, foreign currency becomes stronger, which means foreign countries can buy more oil at same amount of money. As people in other countries start buying more, demand rises, and it drives up the price in dollars, which again influence the price of oil in the global market.

8) Explain how much do you pay for a gallon of regular gasoline?

Ans: On a regular gallon of gasoline, you will pay about

• Crude Oil: About 67% of what you pay goes to the cost of crude oil
• Refining costs and profits: About 14%
• Distribution, Marketing and Retail costs and profits: 8%
• Taxes: 12%

9) Mention what is the amount of ethanol present in gasoline?

Ans: Approximately about 10% -15 % of ethanol is present per gallon of gasoline, and it is denoted by E10.

10) Explain what is PowerShares DB Energy Fund?

Ans: In the energy commodities, this fund is the most rounded investment in the energy commodities. This fund is invested in the energy futures contract like heating oil, Brent crude oil, RBOB gasoline and natural gas.

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