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#36 Safety Rules for Odorizing Unit

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The various procedures to be followed for safety at Odorizing unit are listed below;

  1. Ethyl Mercaptan is highly flammable and harmful if inhaled & swallowed.
  2. There should be a clear safety distance of 1.5 meters around the odorizing facility.
  3. A pre-determined quantity equivalent to a maximum up to 12.5 ppm Ethyl Mercaptan should be dosed into the gas stream.
  4. Heat, spark, open flame, the hot surface should be kept away from Ethyl Mercaptan.
  5. Smoking and use of the mobile phone are prohibited in the nearby vicinity of the mercaptan storage area.
  6. All the joints/ flanges should be properly tightened to avoid release to the environment. Regular visits like at least once in a week should be done to the area to ensure that there is no spillage of mercaptan.
  7. Personal protective equipment like face shield, mask, safety goggles, etc. should be used while handling Ethyl Mercaptan and in case of any emergency.
  8. The precautionary measures should be taken against static electricity discharge. The container and receiving equipment should be Grounded /bonded.
  9. Precaution should be taken to avoid contamination of waterways, soil, etc.
  10. Safety eyewash/ safety shower should be provided near the odorizing handling unit & it should be ensured that the freshwater is available in the shower.
  11. The work permit system should be followed for any maintenance work on the odorizing unit.
  12. Always follow the safe operating procedure & maintenance procedure for any O&M activities odorizing unit.
  13. Emergency contact numbers should be displayed near the odorizing unit.
  14. Material Safety Data Sheet of ethyl mercaptan should be displayed near the odorizing unit.
  15. If inhaled or swallowed remove the victim to fresh air and send it immediately for medical aid.
  16. If spilled on the skin, remove the contaminated cloth and rinse the skin thoroughly with water. Send the victim immediately for medical aid.
  17. In case of a spill, the material should be contained & immediately neutralized by adding a solution of sodium hypochlorite. Absorb with sawdust or dry sand or activated carbon to stop the running away of spillage material in the ground or water body. Collect the material inappropriate container leave it to atmospheric evaporation for a period of six months. After ensuring the evaporation the left out material can be disposed of. Isolate the area & keep away from any source of ignition during the period.
  18. In case of spillage of mercaptan, the area should be evacuated immediately & barricading should be done to avoid any unauthorized access.
  19. In case of fire use water spray or DCP extinguisher to extinguish the fire.
  20. The emergency action plan should be followed in case of any emergency.
  21. Contact local fire brigade in case of heavy leakage & fire.
  22. Empty Ethyl Mercaptan drums can be neutralized by adding a solution of sodium hypochlorite with stirring. This solution can be left to atmospheric evaporation for a period of six months & to be seen that this solution gets evaporated within this time. Isolate the area & keep away from any source of ignition during the period.

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