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#44 Scaffolding procedure

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Ensure the following precautions while erecting/using scaffolding:

  1. Read the requirements of scaffolding given by the entity engineer thoroughly before erecting the scaffolding.
  2. Scaffolding supervisor from the concerned contractor shall sign the request and hand over to the entity engineer after completing the scaffolding check sheet.
  3. Check scaffolding material color code and ensure that all scaffolding material is free from defects.
  4. Provide the status board “SCAFFOLDING INCOMPLETE, DO NOT USE” during erection.
  5. Provide metal base plates under all uprights.
  6. Plumb and level scaffolding as erection proceeds, so that braces will fit without forcing. Fasten all braces securely.
  7. The correct type of couplers to be used for all connections.
  8. Use appropriate PPE’s like safety belt and helmet while erecting, using, and dismantling scaffolding.
  9. Do not throw the materials or tools from the top of the scaffolding.
  10. Ensure that the scaffolding is tied to a structure at every 8 meters height.
  11. Ensure working platforms are provided with guard’s top rail, mid-rail, and toe board.
  12. Intermediate landing platforms should be provided for every 9 meters height of scaffolding.
  13. Barricade the scaffolding area during erection, usage, and dismantling.
  14. Provide the status board “SCAFFOLDING COMPLETE, READY FOR USE” after it is certified by the scaffolding contractor.
  15. Scaffolds must be inspected every week during their use.
  16. Competent persons should erect scaffolds and work platforms and carry regular inspections.
  17. Secure scaffolds bracings and ties.
  18. Above 2m height, scaffolds to be provided with handrails and toe guards.
  19. If necessary, scaffolds should be properly anchored to adjacent structures.
  20. Ensure no overloading of scaffolds/platforms.

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